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The era of drone swarms is here. Are you ready?

Autonomous Drone Swarms

for the military, police and emergency response forces

Drones fitted with pertinent sensors and payloads

Our Solutions


A custom drone swarm system to respond to your specific needs


Approach your battlefield with swarm drones fitted with speciality sensors and payloads.

The payloads can include: 

  • photosensors (visible or IR)

  • radioactivity sensors

  • audio emitters or loudspeakers 

  • signal and radio jammers

  • pyrotechny

  • radio relays

The system can be composed of up to 50 autonomous drones.

The swarm can be deployed in under 15 min.



A solution to assess the efficiency of anti-drone systems


No anti-drone system is foolproof, even when faced with consumer drones.
Certifence allows you to test the capabilities of your anti-drone system and identify any weaknesses.

We offer an on or off-site performance evaluation using 15 'field tests' of increasing complexity involving a fleet of up to 1000 drones and different attack protocols. .

We are committed to accurately testing your systems and are aware that some of the tests may result in the destruction of our devices


Examples of Successfully Implemented Applications

IR SWarm

Infrared emitting drone swarms used to illuminate the battlefield at night.

Rad SWarm

Drone swarms equipped with sensors to detect radioactivity.

Radiation sensors supplied by Icohup, a French startup working in the nuclear and defence industry.


Our drone swarms are built exclusively using commercially available drones from the French drone manufacturer Parrot

All the drones and associated communication equipment in our system are of military-grade.

Today, our drone swarms are built using Parrot Anafi drones, that were designed specifically keeping in mind the armed forces. The drone is therefore built for missions in tough flight conditions.

Apart from our clients in the security industry, we also provide drone swarm technology to the French drone light show company, Dronisos.


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About Us

At Icarus Swarms, we believe in the wide-ranging applications of drone swarm technology. From defence and security to warfare and emergency first-response, drone swarms can efficiently perform critical tasks in every industry vertical. Icarus Swarms was founded with the ambition of furthering the adoption of drone swarms, especially within the security and surveillance industry. 


As one of the pioneers in the field of autonomous drone swarms, the team behind Icarus Swarms has over four years of industry experience working on swarming mechanisms. We are today sharing our know-how in order for you to easily and cost-effectively harness the power of drone swarms for your particular use case.  

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